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Workshop was held in the college

A sort of workshop was held to prepare gender training Manual meant for rural women’s and cooperatives.

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Filed day was celebrated

In collaboration with different stakeholders, nearby farmers and woreda Administrators field day was celebrated both in Ardaita and Hassasa farms of the College for the 2nd time.

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Gap filling training was offered

In ordered to fill the skill gap of the worker in terms of ICT, the college in collaboration with ICT department has offered skill gap filling training for 28 staffs.

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Weekend program students graduated

On Saturday, October 14, 2017 a total of 108 students of weekend program were graduated. Nearly half of the graduates (52) were females while the remaining 56 were males. These graduates had been following their education through weekend program at Hassasa and Ardaita campuses.

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Summer training offered

By volunteer instructors and university students training were offered for grade 5-10 students on English and mathematics for two consecutive weeks. Besides, for 23 University students Entrepreneurship training were offered for 3 days by the college instructors

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Student were trained

Modern marketing system training was given to 348 male and 197 Female second year students by ECX authority.

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Tractor operators training was undertaken in the college

In collaboration with Oromia regional state Micro and Small Enterprises Agency 300 unemployed youths were trained tractor operations for 25 consecutive days in our College. Some of the trained youths were college and university graduates.

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2008/2009 E.C production harvest started

The production harvest of the year 2008/2009 E.C has started at Hassasa flied. According to the experts in the area, the production per hectar is very good compared to the last year.

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Different facility equipments donated by ATA

As per the gap of the college to furnish some of the college services, Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) started to procure and donate some training room and kitchen equipments.

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15 km rough road leading towards the college is under maintenance

The road which leads to the college has been causing different challenges on daily activities of the college and also causing different vehicles to be damage due to the road being too rough and too damaged.

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In collaboration with Nuffic project practical oriented short-term training Manuals are developed.

The modules are developed with organized task force organized from FCA Experts, Dutch consultant and Ardaita College Instructors. The modules are meant for short-term training and it will be used as model in terms of its entrepreneurship and gender oriented.

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Ato Mahdi Abdurezak is appointed as dean of Ardaita ATVET College

Following the sudden death of Ato Tamiru Molla, the late dean of our college, Ato Mahdi Abdurezak, who has been vice dean of administration and development is appointed as the dean of the college. 

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Congratulations! Ardaita ATVET College just published its Website

Dear workers and students the college, it is known that the college has been working a lot to address the issue of providing ICT infrastructures and services to the workers of the college and students.

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OPDO’s 24th foundation anniversary is colorfully celebrated

The Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) 24th Anniversary colorfully celebrated for the third time in Ardaita College on megabit 30/2006 E.C.

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2nd and 3rd year Students started their education

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