The Student Service plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship between the College and its students. In doing this, our Office:

  • Provides services on dining, dormitory, health, guidance and counseling.
  • Guides students to appropriate services and resources.
  • Offers assistance to students who are experiencing economic, social and psychological difficulty.
  • Provides orientation and necessary briefings on students’ code of conduct and rules and regulations of the College.

The academic success of students in all spheres of college life is our major concern. Thus, we value all questions that student may have with regard to the service we offer.


We aspire to be the best college in the country driven by passion and commitment for student success by providing quality services.

To plan and implement actions, initiatives, programs, activities and services that will engage the entire campus community to help students achieve their educational, personal and career goals.


  • Assess and improve services to our students
  • Increase efforts to build a secure and inclusive campus community
  • Promote an inclusive and diverse community where civility and respect for each individual are valued.