Dean of the college
Ardaita ATVET College is one of the colleges that administered under federal ministry of agriculture. Dean of the college is the head of the college. The dean of the college is the top most both financial and administrative decision maker in the college and dully signs on behalf of the college.

Vice deans
The college has two vice deans. These are academic vice dean and administration and development vice dean. The former is responsible for academic issues and the later one is responsible for non academic administration and financial issues. Both vice deans are accountable to the dean of the college.

The Management committee
Irregular issues that can’t be solved by different rules and regulations might be resolved by the college management. Management committee is the upper most decision maker committee in the college. Decisions that are made by management committee can’t be amended or changed without the consent of the management committee.    The management members include the dean who is the chair person of the management committee, the two vice deans, audit service head, public relation service head and plan & program service head.