• Diversity and pluralism
    Our students as well as the college staff are from all walks of life - ethnicity, culture, religion, sex, economic background, etc - and we recognize and acknowledge that society is pluralistic and certainly celebrate the fact that social and cultural make up of our surrounding is changing.
  • Integrity and team sprit
    We are institutionally spirited to make Ardaita ATVET College a model and centre of excellence in Ethiopia. We are all an integral part of the whole system of the college and we will work to ensure institutional purpose and common interest.
  • Educational quality and excellence
    Backing up the emphasis given to educational excellence by the government and meeting the required quality standard and relevance of the education and training of the college is second-to-none in importance and pivotal in our training. There is a common understanding in the college to execute the TVET reform effectively.
  • Good governance and institutional structure
    We absolutely recognize the greatest importance of implementing good governance for a smooth running of institutional interest. Therefore, the need to frequently upgrade our management system and adjust the organizational structure, with the purpose to enable our college service worthy of our clients demand, is of a primary significance.
  • Demand-driven and flexible delivery system
    The needs of our clients are the specification to our products. We certainly understand the significance to respond to the changing demand of the labour market through flexible training delivery system.
  • Synergy with stakeholders and collaboration
    Public-private partnership is expected to be a means for ATVET delivery and financing. Synergies will be achieved through partnership with stakeholders and collaborators at different levels. We therefore, work towards attaining strong relationship and collaboration with the concerned actors.
  • Sensitivity for cross-cutting issues
    It would be our concern to institutionalize gender mainstreaming in Ardaita ATVET College. Empowerment and equal opportunity to women would be a priority. Equally important, we promise to protect our environment from pollution and college resources from adverse attacks by illegal deeds.  We pledge to curb and combat the spread of HIV/AIDS as well.
  • Focus on self employment
    There is a need to contribute to better education and vocational training for a great number of the young rural population and our graduates should be qualified for self employment. We are determined and committed to equip our students with the competence and entrepreneurial skills expected.
  • Cooperative delivery system
    We apply, to our maximum, cooperative delivery system together with the industry to make our trainees competent.
  • Life-long learning
    The college will provide life-long learning opportunities to enable the Ethiopian workforce to keep pace with the rapidly changing work environments brought about by technological progress and development in the organization of work. Life-long learning also implies that people can continuously enhance their recognized qualifications.