Dear students, instructors and other workers of our College, I am very glad to express my happiness over the website design, development and publication. So far, in the area of ICT, it is not long time that we start to invest on fulfilling ICT infrastructure.  Nevertheless, I can say that we moved a few steps forward within very short period of time. Two years ago, there is no LAN and internet service in our college. But now, we are using broadband internet service. This can add something to instructors and the college in improving the desired quality of education. Besides this, in collaboration with Jimma University,

we have designed and published a very dynamic website by our college name as follows Hence, I would like to say congratulations to have these and other ICT infrastructures. Meanwhile, I know that with the sadden death of the late Ardaitas’ ATVET College dean, Mr. Tamru Molla, many of us heartbroken. Mr. Tamru had done unforgettable contributions in bringing change to the college. Though he passed away unexpectedly, his good work is with us forever and ever.

Regarding ICT infrastructures, I want to commemorate you to use them to bring about changes and improvements in our life and college.
 Finally, I call all of you to join hand in hand to realize tomorrow’s dream before its time and to leave unforgettable names and contributions for the college and the next generation.

Mahdi Abdurezak
Dean of the College