Ardaita collge ICT facilities

Ardaita College is started to integrating ICT in its system; it established the Computer Center to handle issues related to ICT. Before its establishment, the computer center has been working closely with different sections of the college to create awareness of ICT, to introduce new technologies into the college and most importantly to help students acquire basic computer skills which is required in the real work environment and providing internet service to staff and students. Besides this, some of the other services that are offered include technical document preparation to purchase equipment, software maintenance and update, and hardware troubleshooting and simple maintenance, networking and network problem troubleshooting.

Ardaita  College Clinic (ACC)

Ardaita College Clinic (ACC) is one of the facilities found in the. It offers medications and treatment services both to colleges’ students and workers. The center refers patients to the nearby hospital for further medication and treatment in the case of series problems beyond the center capacity.  The college is working hard to upgrade the clinic to health center and improvement its physical facilities. Currently, it provides health services for approximately 5-10 inpatients and over 2000 outpatients with total of more than 8 staffs.