Ardaita Agricultural Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) College is one of the federally administered colleges under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MoARD). The college, established in March 1984, was formerly known as ‘Yekatit 25 Cooperative Institute’.  It is located in Gedeb Assasa woreda, West Arsi Zone of Oromia National Regional State, encircled with farmlands. The College is about 305 kilo meters far away to south east of Addis Ababa. It has a total land area of 1613 hectares, which is used for crop and livestock production and construction, 1321, 212 and 80 hectares respectively, besides its premises.

The institute was founded under the objective of providing short-term training on cooperative organization management and marketing, and cooperative accounting and auditing. In addition, the institute provided training on general agriculture and animal health at certificate level. At that time, the trainees of the institute were selected from all parts of the country working in different structures of the Ministry of Agriculture. Most of the trainings conducted in the institute covered three to nine months in-service training. Till 2000, a total of 4146 trainees completed the short-term training to make immense contributions to the country's agricultural development.

The then ‘Yekatit 25 Cooperative Institute’ was  transformed to Ardaita ATVET College in 2001 with the mandate of offering training program in cooperative organization management and marketing, cooperative accounting and auditing, and animal science at diploma level (10+3). These training programs run for three years, of which one year was left for apprenticeship.

At the initial stage, the intake of the college was 800 students, which was later increased to 1500. The college has currently a total of 532 employees of which 58 are instructors. Among these instructors, 16 are first degree holders while 14 instructors hold their second degree the rest 28 are doing their M.A currently.
Till now the college is producing professionals in cooperative organization and management, cooperative accounting and auditing to serve the public sector in the country. Since 2009, based on ATVET reform and newly designed Ethiopian occupational standards (EOS), the college has made a ‘paradigm shift’ towards a new outcome based delivery system. The underlying reason behind the paradigm shift is to make the training demand-oriented so as to produce competent workforces with entrepreneurial/business mindset that can meet the dynamic market demand and create own jobs. With this purpose, the college developed new curricula on Cooperative Organization and Business Management and Cooperative Accounting and Auditing in accordance with the new outcome-based TVET reform.

Ardaita is one of the selected ATVET colleges by the ATVET reform to continue training DAs and offer a full range of programs and services which would strengthen its institutional development and orientations towards the private sector. The college is, therefore, entitled to run training programs at certificate/and diploma levels (levels 1-4 according to EOS) to DAs, rural youth, the private and public sectors. Furthermore, it can offer non-formal training to fill specialized skill gaps, entrepreneurial skills and provide applied technology transfer and technical advisory services to farmers, agricultural business and the public sectors.

The outcome is expected to bring radical changes in the areas of training, service delivery, facility improvement, human resource development, ICT utilization and good governance.