Research, Extension and Publication is the office organized under the college to facilitate and support the overall research undertaking carried out by college instructors and in collaboration with other scholars outside who aspires to undertake joint research. Besides, the office has its own research policy and guideline which will helps research undertaking to be in scientific manner and in standardized ways.

Objectives of the department

  • To undertake and identify research priorities within the College and surrounding areas which might help in promoting the development of the region
  • To contribute to policy makers by undertaking a valuable research¬† in the fields of cooperatives
  • To encourage and advise Academic Departments to be engaged in research activities
  • To Encourage staff members of the College to prepare and publish relevant text books and teaching materials
  • To Publish and distribute Academic journals, brushers, pamphlets and newsletters.
  • To contribute to scientific knowledge gap in the fields of cooperatives and developmental issues for sustainable cooperative development.

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